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On a discovery flight you can get a chance to discover the Southern Arizona area as you learn how to fly one of the finest aircraft around. Its a chance to explore the area as you learn to fly.  flight lessons are great too but a discovery flight can cover hundreds of miles and several different airports along our route.

Great scenic flights.


It is an easy drive from the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Most days are flyable here in Arizona so come out and experience a scenic flight education. It's great fun for all ages. Gift Certificate flights for all occasions. It's beautiful up there! There are many places nearby to see including the cactus gardens and washes, the mountain tops and agricultural areas and nearby views of the city. We have all you need for a wonderful flight. Don't forget your cameras and friends, you will want to share this awesome experiance.  

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Scenic Flights of discovery is your opportunity to experience what it would be like to operate a Sport Pilot aircraft. During this flight, a certified instructor will demonstrate the joys of flight through this once in a lifetime experience. The technical operation you will gain insight to is enlightening, and the views aren’t bad either. Gift certificate flights available

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